5 Jobs In Your House For Craftsman Carpenter

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5 Jobs In Your House For Craftsman Carpenter

Understair storage

5 Jobs In Your House For Craftsman Carpenter

Building or renovating a house requires various skills that when done well become a combined version of many tradesmen bringing their years of experience and love for their craft. After so many years in a trade, we started to notice that one particular kind of tradesman takes their work very seriously. Armed with measuring tape, try squares and handsaws (believe it’s just a tiny fraction of tools used) they take what is sometimes imperfect finish to create a masterpiece. Every inch or millimeter counts in their hands and love for the materials can often be very similar to a sculptor gently touching the stone with a palm of their hand to feel and understand the very precious stone they work on. Yes, we are talking about carpenters. Most of the time their job is done last, right before painters bring their brushes to put an icing on the cake, but attention to detail is nothing but extraordinary. Have you ever had a debate with your carpenter to keep the natural finish of the wood because it is perfect already in a way nature made it? This level of commitment to the craft is what makes our carpenters somebody to wait for.


1 Doors

Made from many different materials and making a statement about owners and what their status is and also personality, would you go for more bold colors or be traditional and keep stable resell value. In some occasions, being too creative might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Beautifully crafted traditional carved door often outlive the house they were built for. Families longing for long forgotten values and feel, spend countless hours searching for this perfect door in car boot sales and specialized dealers. Sometimes it is possible to achieve wood like finish with metal or PVC doors, but well-maintained doors made from oak would outlast any plastic equivalent, and we all know that this majestic tree provides security just shy of metal equivalent. Afraid that Irish climate might destroy the wood? Don’t be; properly maintained it could last years even without using varnish using oils used to keep your home eco-friendly.



Beautiful carved wood door

2 Staircases

The staircase is something you see multiple times in a day, your friends see it, your neighbors your colleagues and managers do when they come into the house. Next, after well-crafted door, it tells a story about custodian of the house. No wonder well-designed stairs have starred in movies when in a reception of welcomed guest family greets with broad smiles and kindness. Current development offer to transform your traditional semi detached staircase into an additional hidden storage. It is may not be as expensive as you may think, for a craftsman carpenter it is just another day at the office. Materials used are exactly as in your kitchen, with modules available in a home improvement stores and specialized trade stores. Top tip asks your carpenters about this option when they are creating your kitchen, bulk buy of materials should lower the price of the project.


Wooden Staircase inside governors house

Understair storage

Credits: http://www.insideout.com.au

3 Kitchen

Some time ago, we heard a story from our friend about a house that we don’t exaggerate, had no single wall straight. One thing caught his attention in that house kitchen cabinets were built to the perfection was, no gaps, doors closed with the lightest touch. House was a mess, but imagine carpenter exhaling and thinking to himself, I do not care my work will be impeccable. In one side carpenters have a choice of reduction manufacturing and additive manufacturing. Experience allows them to transform cheap MDF board into any finish and artistic effects achieved thru staining. Same as a home office, the kitchen is an integral part of any family and often wins against the living room in times when everyone in a family spends time together. In some cases, structural elements that make your kitchen work may be kept and more cost effective option with up to date stylistic elements like cabinet doors and knobs would make your kitchen one be proud off.


4 Home offices

In some design styles wood becomes joining element for the entire assembly. Old library style in occasion accompanied by weathered Chesterfield Sofa commands respect and awe. Where buying already made furniture is the best choice for many, all would work only if craftsman places his finishing touches to the room. Build in storage can be done in a way that it is functional and perfect as world portrayed to us by Ikea and loving and cozy as that university library that you spend years in making friends. New technological advancement and reduction in prices can give your home office a new meaning. Transforming furniture can make it into a spare guest bedroom or into a very comfortable Dog House (this one is for Irish readers).

Chesterfield sofa inside home office

Murphy bed transforms to a chelf

Credits: http://murphysofa.com/

5 Windows and Floors

There is a global trend to move away from now traditional PVC windows back to the wood. They last longer and have better energy saving capability. There PVC requires aluminum structural parts (material that is highly conductive. Wood is both structural and isolating. Floors in some old houses can become a hidden gem. Hidden under the carpet all quality wood only needs removal of the old surface where sanding brings its former self back to life. In cases, there is a more affordable option of laminate flooring and modular wood flooring that can be installed fast. Often resources saved in one area can allow home improvement have the touch of class with quality window sills and carpenters are best people to source materials, age them to combine wood used to be joining part between wooden windows and flooring. For example, if windows have the oak finish and for budget reasons, oak finish laminate flooring chosen, real oak window sills would attract the gaze making the whole illusion more trustworthy.


Oak WIndow

Carpenters really take pride in their work

In the other trades in buildings, one trade significantly affects the other, but carpenters alter material to fit your place. It can be one of the most crucial parts that would decide resell value and livability of your house. Build in storage can be maximized only if carpenters know your struggles and would go an extra mile to make your needs and want to become a reality. In all our years in a building trade, we have not yet seen attention to detail as per work carried out by carpenters. Their ability to use benefits of subtractive and additive manufacturing create the perfect finish to imperfect brickwork and can only be compared to the magic done by the specialist plasterer, but this tradesman is worth entirely separate story.


Pinnacle Group Maintenance


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