Adding Value to Your Property

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9 June 2016
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Adding Value to Your Property


Renovating, extending and improving your home are great ways to give it a new lease of life by gaining space or making it more visually pleasing, maybe you’re thinking of selling in the future. For example, if you are expecting to sell to a working couple, it might be a good idea to spend some money on enlarging your driveway to allow for two cars. If you expect to sell to an older couple with grown up children, then an extra bedroom may not be needed.

If you are looking for more living space, it’s a good idea to convert a dusty attic to a modern bedroom, but before rushing to convert a garage, consider how much space you already have.

But will it increase your selling price?

Not all home improvements will have the optimal financial impact. Some will almost certainly increase your property’s value.


Your budget should be your first question. Your home might benefit from many fantastical improvements but you’ve got to be realistic in terms of your finances… and to ensure you stay on budget to you are likely to earn it back! Setting a realistic budget and keeping to it is critical to your improvement projects.

Before we list our suggestions below, you should ask what improvements might best suit your property type, size, style, location and of course your pocket.

You should also ensure that your plans will blend nicely with your neighboring properties – you do not want to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Be mindful of that fact that if you invest in some added modern space, there is little point in having a jaw dropping new extension if the remainder of the property is looking shabby and neglected.

Consider your time scale for your plans to ensure that when it is time to place your property on the market that all your improvements are completely finished to a high standard.

Some of the best ways you can add real value to your property:

  • The condition of the property

Is your property in good condition? Your first priority should be addressing repairs and maintenance. These could be a roof repair, damp problems, damaged fascia or soffits etc. Once these are taken care of one then can look to improving the structure. Upgrading the insulation, ventilation or glazing are worthwhile projects along with improving the central heating.

  • Create more space

Extending your property is one of the most assured ways of adding value to your home. People recognize homes with more floor space.  But do consider the design fits your current house, it should fit the style, fit and location and of course building regulations.  Conservatories are the least expensive option for most. Aim to make it livable year round by heating and using blinds.

  • Converting space

An Attic conversion is probably the easiest, least disruptive and more affordable option where you can have that extra bedroom or space without radically changing the look of the house.  A Garage adjoining a house can also be converted for extra space but consider that you may need to build a new storage site on the property.

  • Cosmetic fixes

Most properties will benefit from a long list of cosmetic improvements which can be carried out on a tight budget.  Most of these can collectively add value to your property, increasing its appeal – helping it sell faster and for more.  First impressions are very important when selling so it is always a good idea to take aim of your target market. Firstly, ensure that all superficial defects are fixed, and that all DIY projects have been finished professionally.  Freshly painting and decorating with warm neutrals will make all the difference immediately making the property more inviting.  Improving your floor finishes will also help.  Pay attention to improving your existing kitchen and bathroom by perhaps giving them a facelift by maybe changing your worktops and cabinet doors in the kitchen or freshly re-tiling or re-grouting your bathroom floor and wall tiles.

  • Improve existing space

Replacing your kitchen or bathroom should add real value, however make sure the price bracket of your new kitchen or bathroom matches the price bracket of your property or you won’t see your money back when selling.

Creating an extra bedroom or remodeling to create a home office or en-suite, are other options to consider.  By cleverly adding extra storage space whether under stairs or using ceiling voids will also add to the appeal.

  • Improving outdoor space

Paying attention to every aspect of your property is important, including all outside areas concentrating on making this as spick and span as possible. Freshly painting the exterior of your property is a must and you should ensure your front door is looking exceptionally smart. You should aim at setting your property apart from your neighbors giving it overall ‘curb appeal’. Consider the possibility of creating off-street parking or improving the privacy of your property.


Pinnacle Group Maintenance Services are renovations experts for property owners who are particularly looking to sell or let their property. Our unique service is perfected to helping homeowners improve the value of their properties with smart refurbishments on a budget.

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