Bathroom Mondays: Ideas and Inspiration

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18 February 2012
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Bathroom Mondays: Ideas and Inspiration

On Mondays we like to have just a quick post pointing you to the best stories we have found in Internet dedicated to Bathrooms. We want to provide you inspiration for any close or maybe not so close bathroom projects you might be thinking about.

The Bathroom Renovation Project

And today we bring you a renovation that added a new bathroom to a house with just one. They knocked a wall between adjacent closets and in the new space created they built a new small one:

Bathroom addtion

Bathroom Renovation AB CHao

It’s incredible how some planning and observation in your house can help you increase assets in it. And of course adding a new bathroom might be a necessity if you are living in an old house with only one. Finding the best way to fit an extra one might be trickier than adding any other extra room to your house.

You can read more about the whole process in the following blog posts:

Bathroom Addition: Reno – Blog – AB Chao
Bathroom Addition: After – Blog – AB Chao

We also bring you a couple more links on with ideas for bright colours for those wall mounted sinks. And a little bit of design from Italian companies. With beautiful and very futuristic sinks. Because we can all dream.

Washington Street Remodel traditional bathroom

Washington Street Remodel traditional bathroom

Fresh Idea: Accent Colour Brightens Up the Sink

Componendo Venti Sink

Componendo Venti Sink

Sleek & Stylish Bathrooms by Componendo
Futuristic Bathroom Vanities by Componendo

What do you think about the renovation project would you consider it to be a good idea in your house? Will be suitable in your house. Let us know in the comments.

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