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18 February 2018
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23 April 2018

Thinking of renovating your bathroom?

Pinnacle Group has you covered for all kinds of renovations whether big or small.

We are limerick based and registered company providing renovations, maintenance, repairs & cleaning services such as bathroom/kitchen renovations as well as construction services. With today’s busy schedules, many homeowners find it helpful to go to one place for their complete maintenance, repairs and renovation needs; Pinnacle Group is a one-stop-shop for all your maintenance needs providing you with skilled and professional craftsmen.

Most often times when you decide to renovate your bathroom, there are few issues and decisions to make such as coordinating the décor and deciding whether to replace the old sink or not. Bathroom tiles selection to match up with your idea, to light fittings and even painting which can go a long way in beautifying your bathroom and adding value to your home.

It does not matter how big or small your bathroom space may be, there are still many options available that will result in an updated and functional bathroom.

Here are some other things to consider:

  1. Is there a leakage or water damage from dripping faucets or from the toilet?
  2. Are the walls or tiles showing signs of damage from moisture?
  3. Do your fixtures look outdated?
  4. Are environmental factors important to you? (ex. low flow shower heads, low flush toilets, etc.)
  5. Is there adequate lighting?
  6. Does the layout not work for you?

Our dedicated team is well experienced in bathroom renovations and would provide you with various options to suit your budget & pocket and we will work with you to achieve your overall goal and make your dream come through. Pinnacle Group is dedicated to satisfying our customers and take pride in repeat business and continuous referrals from happy property owners.

Why choose Pinnacle Group?


Years of experience in renovations

We have over a decade years of experience providing high quality renovation, maintenance and repair services throughout Limerick city and its surrounding environment. Quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices are combined to provide you with services which cannot be matched by our competitors.

Quality materials

We have the experience, personnel and resources to make any project run smoothly. Our materials are sourced and bought locally within the community to ensure quality control on materials at all times and also to make sure all project is completed and delivered on time. We never compromise on the level and quality of materials that we use on all works as our work and service is guaranteed.

Professional standards

Our work is delivered to the highest standard through careful attention to detail, quality of work and professional service. All work is carefully planned with series of steps to follow, centered on a schedule that we adhere to and with daily communication.

Are you are looking to renovate your bathroom?                                                        Call – 061 609865 / 086 3114590 for free consultation and quotation





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  1. marianna o dowd says:

    I have a bathroom renovation ready to go – it involves pulling out current fittings, tiling and plumbing. I have all the ware and tiles already. If you are interested in it, please let me know. Job is Ballysheedy.

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