Christmas Decoration and Painting

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Christmas Decoration and Painting


PINNACLE GROUP for your Decoration and Painting

There are quite a few reasons that this is such a popular choice beyond the obvious desire to have a home that is aptly styled to your lifestyle and that is unique. Time is a huge factor in many people’s lives. Whether you have a career outside the home or you are busy raising children finding the time to decorate a home with wonderful unique pieces is very consuming.

Our professional decorating service saves you tons of time, you do not have to do the shopping or make delivery arrangements or deal with painters or other necessities that are involved with decorating your home, property or business.

It is easier

Frankly it is the easier way to decorate a home. PINNACLE GROUP’s Decorating and Painting team specialize in beautifying your home or property. They understand the trends and how colors and lighting effect the ambience of a room. Most people may have an eye for style but unless you are specifically trained in the field it can be difficult putting it all together. It is easier handing over the details to someone else that does understand how to pull it all together.

It can be less expensive

If you do the math and include the amount of time that you have to spend shopping and searching for unique pieces and consider that professional decorators such as PINNACLE GROUP often get deep discounts for their clients it may actually work out to be less expensive to hire someone professional!
PINNACLE GROUP usually have paint companies that they work with all the time so they get deep discounts on house painting. The same goes for flooring and other touches that make a home decorated! Considering all the discounts that a professional decorator gets and their ability to secure unique one of a kind furnishings the cost is well worth it and may actually save you some money. You already know it will save you a lot of time and stress.

The results

There is nothing lovelier than a well decorated home! Coming home to a space that you love and inviting people over to a space that you love is just an amazing feeling! The results that you get from a professional decorator is bar none. You can always tell when a professional’s touch is present.


Christmas is right around the corner and with it come trees and ribbons and ornaments and lights and … oh goodness, what are you supposed to do with it all? Don’t let stress over Christmas decorating make you lose the Christmas spirit.

With our Indoor and Outdoor Christmas decoration, we can add flair to the roof lines, walkways, and bushes of your home or property. Wrap trees with lights and hang Christmas wreaths and garland on front doors to welcome all in good cheer. Whether adding to your outdoor mega display, or planning to outline the roof of a new home, our lighting ideas will help you illuminate with design.


Beautifully decorated Christmas trees and stunning displays of lights make people feel good – it’s a proven fact! During the Christmas period, a business premises of any kind can seem bland unless its nicely decorated with some festive spirit. In fact it’s bad for business if you don’t make an effort or indeed make a poor effort.

This year have it done professionally by PINNACLE GROUP decorating team with a wide choice of our Christmas decorating services, save on valuable staff time and make it a tax write off! Its important that you organize your Christmas decorations early to ensure that we can fit you into our schedule on your date of preference.

Please feel free to call us on 087 962 2222 / 061 409 596. Give us a call for a chat about how we can help your business with our commercial Christmas decorating service. We’d be delighted to decorate your home or premises, exceed your expectations and dazzle your customers!


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