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5 July 2012
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7 July 2012
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DIY Fridays

Today in DIY Fridays, projects for your kitchen: an improved kitchen cart, an Expedit adds storage and seating, a different window treatment, and a Svalbo table goes country.

Rack ‘Em Up

Rack 'Em Up

Rack ‘Em Up

In a small kitchen a small kitchen cart on wheels can be the answer to your storage problems. But if it’s very small and you really need more storage/working space maybe the way to go is vertical. The woman in this article did that exactly: it increased the storage space of two BEKVÄM Kitchen trolleys using pipe shelving and hooks. And the result is very practical for very little money.

Not a very difficult project and one that might be a solution for many homeowners with small kitchens.

Jump to the article to read more and see all the photos. You can alternatively visit the original link for this story:

New Kitchen Shelving

Expedit Double Duty Hack: Corner Storage & Seating

Expedit Double Duty Hack: Corner Storage & Seating

Expedit Double Duty Hack: Corner Storage & Seating

We have brought to the blog lots of articles where they convert Expedits into something else. Well this is one of those articles. In this case the Expedit is transformed into corner seating with storage underneath.

In this project they use two 1 x 4 Expedit units placed against the wall at right angles. They attached a cushion to the top and added baskets underneath for storage purposes. The empty space at the right angle meeting point is covered by the cushion and a little wooden table like support that fits the empty space.

As you can see the result is fantastic and it looks a custom built unit. It’s an incredibly easy to do project and it’s going to be much cheaper than a built-in unit.

You can find the two original articles with more photos and all the instructions below:

Playroom Progress – Sweet Seating Part 1

Playroom Progress – Sweet Seating Part 2

FORNUFT on Display

FORNUFT on Display

FORNUFT on Display

Another very easy to do project with cheap materials from IKEA. In this case the materials can be found anywhere not just IKEA.

It’s a very unconventional and very unique window treatment as you can see. And the materials involved are simple and easy to get anywhere: silverware, curtain rod, gauge jewelry wire, glass beads. Depending of the size you will need more or less silverware, jewelry wire and glass beads.

Jump to the article to read more and get all the instructions.

Hack a country kitchen style dining table

Hack a country kitchen style dining table

Hack a country kitchen style dining table

And we finish today’s list of projects with a kitchen table.

IKEA furniture is usually well made furniture of reasonable quality that costs very little. Unfortunately it’s also very generic most of the times. This project involves a very plain and simple  SVALBO kitchen table. As you can see in the link it’s a very practical extendable table in solid pine but it’s really plain and simple.

The owner wanted something more stylish with a country look. Trying to buy something like that might have been much more expensive but making use of the table, water based wood stain, water based white paint, water based finish and some elbow grease he managed to get the result you can see above. And in our opinion it’s a fantastic result.

Jump to the article to read more and see all the photos.


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