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24 May 2012
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DIY Fridays

Today in DIY Fridays: a list of Diy projects in black and white, a cabinet gets a new life, Diy desks, and a very simple IKEA chest of drawers become the perfect addition in a baby’s room.

Do It Yourself Projects in Black & White

Do It Yourself Projects in Black & White

Do It Yourself Projects in Black & White

Black and white is a very simple combination. It’s the first one that will come to your mind when thinking about colour combinations. Those colours also make the perfect canvas for other colours or patterns, that’s the reason it never gets outdated: it’s a classic.

That colour combination can also be applied to your DIY projects as this article proves. It’s a list of very simply DIY projects in black and white that almost anyone can attempt and you would be surprised and very pleased with the results. Some of the projects involved things so simple as working with contact paper and customizing IKEA furniture (which is usually very plain) to make it look a very unique piece. Others involve using paint and painting alternate black and white stripes on the wall creating a more dynamic decor.

They are very simple and because of the colours used will never get outdated.

Jump to the article to read more and see the full list.

{Work with what the trash man gave ya}

{Work with what the trash man gave ya}

{Work with what the trash man gave ya}

When you have a piece of solid wood it becomes very difficult to part with it if you are changing your decor. Other times you find it in the “trash” or second-hand sale and you see some potential for a second chance. Unfortunately layers upon layers of paint might make that second chance very difficult for a piece of furniture.

In this case the cabinet was beautiful and had lots of potential: solid wood, classic design. Perfect you’d say, but the previous owners (and after reading the article it looks like they were several) had no care with it and just simply painted over and over again without a care. Sometimes they didn’t even bother taking off the stickers their children had stuck to it. That made the whole recovery process quite difficult.

After some thought and getting rid of the upper part of the cabinet, patience and red paint you get a very vintage looking piece of furniture that would fit perfectly in any country style home.

Go to the article to read more and see more photos.

Project Patterns & Plans: 4 DIY Desks

Project Patterns & Plans: 4 DIY Desks

Project Patterns & Plans: 4 DIY Desks

Computers are invading houses nowadays and that means the need to find a place for them. Even if you are using a laptop the reality is that you are going to need a place to work comfortably if you are a regular computer user at home. And houses are getting smaller and smaller, making it difficult to find the space for that desk if you are looking at regular sized store bought desks.

This article is what you need if you are having issues fitting a desk in the space you have available. It offers 4 DIY solutions to find that special place for your computer. Have some space underneath your stairs? You can fit it there. Need something custom made? You have a guide too. Don’t have the space for a laptop but need something to raise it from your knees or any other surface? That’s also in the list.

Several DIY projects to get comfortable with your laptop and do whatever you need to do there.

Jump to the article to see all the projects and get you started.

Ikea Malm drawers change table nursery upholstery makeover

Ikea Malm drawers change table nursery upholstery makeover

Ikea Malm drawers change table nursery upholstery makeover

And finally IKEA furniture gets transformed.

If you are interested in interior design, I’m sure you have already heard about IKEA. They sell cheap quality furniture. Unfortunately that means the furniture tends to be a little bit plain a simple. And another thing is that you end up with a piece of furniture everyone has. That’s what gets people thinking: how to adapt it to your needs, how to make it different. And then you have a trend in Internet: hacking IKEA furniture and make it fit your needs and look the way you want it.

In this case, the lady decided to adapt a chest of drawers to fit its new baby room. She wanted to add some colour and to make everything more baby friendly. That’s why she decided to upholster the  drawers with colourful fabrics. They add a bit of colour and make it different and the little “rug-rat” is in less danger when it starts walking. And that’s a major plus as any parent knows.

Go to the article to read more and see all the photos.

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