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Painting your house, as any DIY project, can be beautiful memory or biggest nightmare. It can be a good way to add value to the property (very common reason currently in Munster), match your modern new furniture, great way to prepare for the arrival of the new family member. Did you remember what you felt if you had ever decorated a room in pink or baby blue? Does not matter which you choose: do it yourself or hire professional painters, we would like to guide you through yet another learning journey. In this article we will try to compare both while mentioning few very useful tips that will help you with decisions what path to choose.

Start with a white blank canvas

All the minor and not so minor imperfections, and the usual wear and tear, are the main reasons someone would consider changing the color or the house. Everything thereafter would depend on this stage, more preparation goes into getting rid of imperfections, more professional finish would look in the end. If keeping old paint under the new coat, it is important to do some sanding work, in some cases it is possible to remove old loose paint altogether. The primer will further improve finish by removing minor trace left behind by sanding. In rainy climate always budget for the preparation of surfaces as washing of the walls is more than likely to be needed. If sanding will be done by you, it would more than likely will take some elbow grease, cheaper and more cost effective but no match for professional power tools.



How to choose the right paint colour











Be it an outside paint job or interior paint different colors would have a different feel and could act as an aid highlighting specific features. Always take into consideration architectural elements of your house when choosing a color. Roofing material, windows, and brickworks, stone. Earthy tones complement stone materials, while cooler shades coordinate well with wood finishes. Always take into consideration your environment, are you surrounded by trees, or is your house is part of traditional neighborhoods. Turquoise might look good in the catalogue, but in reality it would make it really hard to sell if you needed to move on. Usually professional painters could come with ready catalogues and sample to your house, if you are artistic and want to express your individuality good professional painter could help you achieve that while minimizing the risks.


Choose the Right Paint

Especially if it is a DIY project correct paint choice can make your life easy or hard. It is important to know how much paint would be needed to cover everything. The last thing you want is to run out of rare combination just to find out it was a last can in a store. In this instance professional painters have the upper hand, thru years of experience completing painting assignments and maintenance of client sites, they know how each particular paint behaves not only while completing the job, but also how it reacts to whether and how long it keeps acceptable finish. A good idea is to keep a little extra paint you have used for touch-ps. For the rental properties instead of repainting everything from the primer, light coat can be added to make a house more presentable. Various new technological advancements offers us non toxic paints, one coat paints, fast drying paint to suit every unique requirement.

Consider natural light

As we most of the readers live in Ireland too much light is never a problem, pink house might be possible to pull off in a sunny climate it would look less than appealing in a dull weather. Darker interior colors would affect lighting needs, light reflective color would help for a light to be distributed across the room. It is always good to use paint sample and look at it in the sunlight and artificial light. Most of the paints would look slightly differently with each light.


Do regular maintenance

With quality interior paints it is possible to maintain a high standard of finish, by addressing problematic areas regularly. Washable paints allow to remove stains associated with high traffic areas. Outside of the house, when combined with good preparation and good choice of the paint, can last many years with regular power washing, gutter cleaning, removed dirt and cobewebs. Unwanted growth not only could affect the finish, but also might cause structural damage. Roof repair can only be done by insured professionals and is way more costly than regular and timely maintenance.

Always check the weather

In Ireland it is difficult to plan anything that can be affected by weather. Some paints require good conditions to solidify and factors like humidity, temperature, wind can highly affect the project. This is where specialists again come in handy, even if the weather is unwelcoming, they would know correct ratios to achieve great results every time. In some cases interior paint needs to dry before you could go back into a house with proper ventilation maintained. The specialist could advise you on non toxic paints that dry fast so everything could go back to normal fast.


Safety Safety Safety    

If you decide to undertake a DIY project yourself, check with your accident health insurance provider would you be covered if anything happened. Same goes by allowing someone else do work in your property. It is always good to weigh the opportunity costs while budgeting for the next DIY project not only on the bright side, but also have contingency plan to protect yourself if anything happened. Especially if your day to day work is non manual it is important to know how to protect against injury. If you will be needing step ladder, always have someone to spot you in problematic areas, in some cases scaffolding might be needed. You will almost be guaranteed to also need clothes protection, dust mask or more advanced respiratory protection.


Having all family, helping each other with home improvement is probably one of the most satisfying experiences one could have. However, not always available, more effective elsewhere, most of us spend our time getting more productive on our day jobs, and to be honest are getting better each day as it passes. If done for the budgetary reasons or a sense of completion daily painting is a good choice but when taking all things into consideration hiring someone might be a better value for your money. But if you still want to do it all yourself, promise us that you make sure to follow all necessary safety precautions.


Hiring an experienced and professional painters like Pinnacle Group will relieve much of the worry associated with painting your home or property. At Pinnacle Group, we would provide color matching service and advice you on which colors will work best and how to get the job done with the least interruption to your life. So more information contact us at 061 609865 / 086 3114590.


Safe DIYing everyone.

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