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14 June 2017
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FIRE DAMAGE – What To Do Next

Fire Damage – What To Do Next

Roof Damaged by fire
Any physical damage to a property by way of burning refers to a Fire Damage. The damage may directly be caused by flames, smoke or corrosive items relating to the fire. Fire is a leading cause of home injury and death.

The six types of fire damage are as follows:

  • Class A:    Fire that involves flammable solids, such as paper, cloth, wood, and plastics.
  • Class B:    Fire that involves flammable liquids or solids that can turn into liquids.
  • Class C:    Fire that involves flammable gasses, such as propane, hydrogen, natural gas, and butane.
  • Class D:    Fire that involves combustible metals, including sodium, magnesium, and potassium.
  • Class E:    Fire that involves factors in Class A and B as well as electrical elements.
  • Class F:    This fire is relatively hotter and more destructive and involves cooking oils and fats.

NOTE: Insurance companies classify fire damage into two categories: primary and secondary. The former refers to damage caused by the flames, while the latter refers to damage caused by smoke or other substances from the fire.


Fire Safety at home

Fire fighting.

  • Ensure that all fires and heaters are well-guarded, most especially open fires
  • Ensure that candles and portable heaters are kept away from furniture and curtains.
  • Do not dry or spread your wet clothes over or near the fire, or the cooker.
  • Try not to smoke in bed.
  • Fires most often start in the kitchen, especially fat fires.
  • Smoke Detectors – Ensure to have smoke detectors in strategic areas of your home or property such as kitchen, near bedrooms, and near fireplaces.
  • Fire Extinguisher – It is advisable to keep a fire extinguisher near the kitchen and also learn how to use in case of fire properly.

Local Support for victims of Fire in Ireland

Irish Red Cross

Contact your local Environmental Health Officer

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