Get your property ready for the cold winter months

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6 February 2017
16 March 2017

How to keep your home warm for the cold Winter Months.

Take measures today to get your property ready for the cold and to minimize the damages and injuries often experienced in these cold winter months. Injuries increase in winter due to slips, trips and falls. Prevent property damage caused by furnace fires, space heaters, wood-burning stoves and candles, damage due to ice and snow loading on gutters and roofs and damage from frozen pipes. Take action now to protect your property from winter-related damages and injuries.

Pinnacle Group offers some suggestions below to get your property ready:

Building Exterior

  • Remove unsafe branches and Inspect trees near structures and walk areas
  • Remove any obstructions and ensure they are properly secured around Gutters and downspouts
  • Drain and Winterize exterior water pipelines to prevent it from freezing.
  • Clean & clear debris to allow water drains away from your property.
  • Inspect, repair seal around vents and other protrusions to prevent roof leaks.

Building Interior

  • Test fire, carbon monoxide and smoke alarm detectors.
  • No matter how cold it may be, do not allow smoking inside of your property Inspect, check filters, check venting, tune-up furnaces and assure property clearances to combustibles.
  • Limit use of space heaters and assure safe location and operation within the property
  • Protect interior pipes from freezing.
  • Inspect wood-burning stoves and chimneys for safe use.
  • During intense cold ensure to leave taps dripping.

Prevention: Slip, Trip and Fall

  • Get rid of water drainage across key walking areas from downspouts and roofs.
  • Inspect and ensure sidewalks and parking space are free of ice or snow
  • Inspect and test exterior lighting.
  • Prepared for the ice with salt, ice melt and shovels.
  • Check and make sure the snow blower is ready for use.
  • Inspect & Control wet walking surfaces.


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