Habits That Keep Your Home Clean

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31 October 2013
6 January 2014
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Habits That Keep Your Home Clean


It’s really quite simple to have a home that always looks like a showroom. “Don’t have kids, don’t get married, don’t have guests over, and don’t live life in your home”. That will pretty much ensure that you have a clean home at all times!

But, that also means you won’t have any fun!

If you’re someone who likes to actually live in your home, it will get messy. It will become unorganized. And it will get dirty! Otherwise, unless you can afford a live-in maid, keeping a clean house isn’t always an easy task. When it comes to tidying up, some of us don’t have the time, the energy, or the motivation to get going.

However, there are a few habits you can begin now to ensure that your home is reasonably clean most of the time.

Habit #1. Don’t put it down, put it away

So much time is spent just putting things away or where they belong, that it makes sense to remind yourself to put things away, don’t put them down. Make this a mantra that you repeat every time you or one of your family members have something in your hands that you’re tempted to put down, rather than put away. Print it on a piece of paper and hang it on the fridge to get everyone in on the “put it away” meditation!


Habit #2. Clean as needed

Why wait four more days to clean the toilet if it needs to be cleaned now? By cleaning on an as-needed basis, the house will stay cleaner longer, and will help you reduce those all-day marathon-cleaning sessions.


Habit #3. Pick up as you go.

Walking from downstairs to upstairs? Take that basket of laundry that’s been waiting to go to the bedrooms upstairs. Make every trip through the house worth something by carrying something from one room to the next. Leaving the living room for the evening? Straighten pillows, pick up toys, and fold sofa throws. A lot of cleaning can be done in just 60 seconds.


Habit #4. Spot clean.

Don’t keep walking by those finger smudges on the door trim or the cake splatters on the kitchen cabinets. Clean as you see the smudges and spots and you’ll be amazed at how clean your paint stays and how good your woodwork looks. Keep a damp micro fiber cloth that’s been lightly sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner in a plastic bag or a used baby-wipe container. Then, when there’s a spot somewhere, you’ve got an instant cleaner on hand.

Habit #5. Buy good cleaning products.

Most people use an old t-shirt for a dust rag and hang on to bath towels for odd jobs around the house. Dusting with an old, dirty undershirt wouldn’t make anyone feel like cleaning. But, quality cleaning products and tools, such as micro fiber towels for cleaning, polishing, etc., will help keep you motivated to clean. Why micro fiber? Because micro fiber has a cleaning power second to none. Its fibers are made so that it can scrub away dirt, smudges, and spills more effectively than any rag or paper towel – and without cleaners. (Micro fiber can effectively get rid of up to 96%
of bacteria with water alone – important if someone in your home is chemically sensitive).


Stock your home with micro fiber towels for glass, bathrooms, general cleaning, polishing (brass, cars, etc.), and quality cleaning products, like Spray way, and you’ll clean more often — and cleaning more often makes every home a cleaner home.

Habit #6. Designate an entry area.

If you enter the house through the garage or laundry room and don’t have an actual space
to put shoes, purses, keys, jackets, book bags, etc., then chances are you have that mess all over the house and have a hard time finding your keys when you’re ready to leave. Establish a point of entry for the family, where everyone leaves dirty shoes, books, purses, etc. Set up this area with hooks for keys, purses, jackets, etc., and shelves for mail. A simple area can be created inexpensively. This keeps everything together in one place so the clutter doesn’t go all over the house, and you can find your purse when you’re ready to leave.

Habit #7. Everyone helps.

Assign duties to everyone in the house. Or, assign rooms to everyone in the house, in addition to their bedrooms. If the children play in the living room with toys, then assign them the living room to keep clean. Everyone lives in the house, so everyone can help. Too often, household chores and tasks fall on one person. Make it everyone’s job and everything stays cleaner.


Habit #8. Leaves shoes at the door.

One of the quickest ways to prolong the life of your carpets and keep carpets and floors cleaner longer, is to adopt a no-shoes policy in our household. From Russian to China to Hawaii and back to Japan, the custom of not wearing shoes in the house is common in most homes throughout the world – and for good reason. Keeping your shoes confined to the entry doors will also help keep unwanted chemicals, bacteria (from pet waste, public restrooms, etc.), dust and dirt out of the house. A government study also confirmed this with a “Doormat Study” in the early 90’s that showed household dust and chemicals were greatly reduced just by the presence of a good mat at the door and then not wearing shoes inside the house. If you live in a snowy part of the country, you’ll know this is a good idea! Most importantly, if you have carpet throughout the house, maintaining a no-shoes rule will cut down your vacuuming and reduce allergens trapped in the house.

Habit #9. You have a schedule.

Cleaning the bathrooms, changing the sheets, clearing out cobwebs, dusting baseboards, getting carpets steam cleaned, all these household activities are ones that should be on a regular schedule. Keep a schedule of all the activities you need to do and by sticking to the schedule, your house will stay cleaner easier and longer.

Habit #10. Declutter.

Yes, every home has junk and it’s got to go. You cannot keep a clean home if you have three years’ worth of magazines stacked up. Spend 15 minutes every day getting rid of junk and clutter and you will find that over time your house gets cleaner and cleaner and easier to keep.



Enjoy these 10 habits that keep your Home Clean and put them into practice TODAY!

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  1. Louise says:

    Ha! Great post BUT some really great tips, I will have to use them at home 😉

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