13 May 2014
Summer House Maintenance Tips
6 June 2014
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House Painting tips – Summer

House Painting

House Painting

Sprucing up for summer doesn’t have to mean turning a room upside down or breaking the wallet. Help can come in the form of a lick of paint. If you want to take on the task yourself, house-painting pros PINNACLE GROUP shares tips on how to paint like a professional without the expense:

Step One: Choosing Paint

Be sure to choose the proper type of paint for the job:
• High-gloss: shiniest, washable, durable and used to accent surfaces. E.g. Trims.
• Semi-gloss: less shiny but still durable and washable. Good for bathrooms.
• Pearl/satin: has a bit of sheen, washable. Good for bathrooms.
• Eggshell: use if no shine is desired, washable, durable and good for use on imperfect walls. Good for moisture-free rooms.
Flat: commonly used, not very durable or washable, unless the whole wall is wiped clean. Best for bedrooms or moisture-free rooms.

Step Two: Preparation

It’s worth spending time preparing surfaces to ensure clean lines and protect surfaces, which don’t require paint:
• Remove any nails from the wall. Fill holes with a spot of spackle across nail holes. After drying for an hour, sand with sandpaper.
• The step everyone wants to avoid is washing the walls. To do so will remove dirt and also save an extra coat of paint.
• Cover the floors with drop clothes, overlap each by a foot to reduce the chance of paint slipping through.
• Take the time to remove door knobs, electric switches and other items that you want to keep paint-free.
• To avoid paint filling the rim, punch some holes with a hammer and nail around the paint can rim.

Step Three: Painting

Painting with a roller and an edging brush saves an enormous amount of time. With the help of an edging tool, you can apply paint along an edge easily. Do prime the walls if going from one extreme color to another. Always use tinted primers with bold colors like red, blue and deep green.

Begin with the ceiling, then walls, doors and woodwork and finish with the floor. Start with a large “M” pattern on the wall, using your roller brush, then will with horizontal strokes. Save a small amount of paint in a glass jar for touch-ups later.

Step Four: Clean-Up

Keep the room ventilated for at least 24 hours before bringing furniture back into the room.
If you plan to use the roller brush and brushes again, clean them immediately.
To avoid accidental splatters, clean the rim of the can before re-attaching the lid by placing a paper towel on top of the lid, then hammer to secure.


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