House Repairs You Can Do Yourself

16 March 2017
House Maintenance, Repairs & Solution
7 April 2017

House Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Want to fix minor problem in your kitchen or bath without breaking the bank? You can tackle those small home repairs yourself without spending much – Property repairs, maintenance & cleaning professional company in Limerick: PINNACLE GROUP helps with tips.

How to fix or repair broken floor tile

Remove the grout around the tile with a grout saw, a tool available at paint and hardware stores. If a tile has already started to chip, continue to break off little pieces and remove the entire damaged tile. However, you can make a hole in the middle with a masonry drill which will break the tile and remove the pieces from the center outward. Then glue the new tile in place with an adhesive and then apply fresh grout around the edges.

Remove scratches on wood cabinet

Most DIY stores sell number of scratch fillers that look like brown pencils or crayons. All you have to do is try and find the shade that most closely matches your cabinet and rub it into the scratch or you can try a similar product that is more like a felt-tip pen and comes in different shades of inks.

Remove scratches on Wood Cabinet


Updating a room with painting

Painting is one of the easiest ways to update and add color to a room, kitchen or bath. Painting a room could be a task that would take couple of hours, half day, or more. Overall, it all depends on what and how much painting you decide to do. You can freshen up a room by giving the door or cabinet a new coat of paint in just a few hours. However, you can break it into smaller jobs and spread them out over a week or more. Whatever the size of the job you decide to tackle, the painting techniques would remain the same.


DIY – Room painting


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Below are few helpful DIY videos, Click on link to watch!


                                                                      (VIDEO 2)

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