Nine Rules for Choosing the Right Color for Your Home

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22 May 2018
22 October 2018
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Nine Rules for Choosing the Right Color for Your Home

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Choosing the right color for your home can be a very tricky task. It is essential as the worth of your home will increase rapidly if the right sets of colors are used. Most homeowners like to go for colors they perceive as safe such as white or grey. However, most of the time these colors give the home a sort of clinical feel rather than a neutral feel they are going for.

Most homeowners struggle with the use of other colors apart from white and grey; this is due to the understandable fear of using the wrong shade which will mess up the overall ambiance of the home. Nobody wants to live in a house where they avoid certain rooms because of the tone of the room. If you select the right shades, you will have no problem spending time in any room in the house. Picking the right shade shouldn’t be a stressful feat, it should be a fun process that will provide excellent results. This article is centered on making sure that the process of selecting the right color for your home is comfortable and stress-free with the rules outlined below.

Have A General Theme for Your Home

Having a general theme for your home means that every shade of color you pick for the individual rooms should complement one another. This does not necessarily mean that all the rooms should be painted alike. It just says that when selecting colors for the rooms, the entirety of the home should be considered. This is a fundamental rule that quite a lot of homeowners’ overlook and they end up with homes with contrasting colors. Once you have a general theme for your home, you are halfway towards your goal. The following are the things to consider when choosing a general idea for your home.

  • The visibility of the rooms
  • The room with the most central location which is usually the sitting room or kitchen
  • The outline of the house is important
  • If there is floor separation, the separate floors can have different themes
  • Put the connecting spaces into consideration; a neutral colour is best here


Perform A Test Run

Once you have chosen the color you want to use, it is essential that you perform a test run before you commit and buy the paint. You can do this by purchasing tester pots of the shades you have selected and painting different walls of the house. This is important so you can see how it will look when the light hits it during the day and night. If you are not comfortable with painting the walls, you can opt for painting on lining paper or board or card. Once it dries, check it on the different partitions and see how it looks in varying light settings.

Put The Space Function into Consideration

The function of the space plays a huge role in the color selection process because each room has a certain ambiance that it calls for. For this reason, it is essential to know the function of each room before you start considering choosing colors. Bathroom calls for neutral colors while kitchen calls for more vibrant looking colors. You can opt for soft or dark shades for your bedroom depending on your preference. This goes to show that the function of the room plays a huge role in the color that will be chosen.

Do Not Fear Dark Colours

You do not have to fear dark colours as they are the best shade to work as backdrops. The key to selecting dark colours is opting for the chalky variety of the colour. Dark colours do not make rooms smaller as opposed to the popular myth that it does. Dark colours give rooms a certain level of sophistication, so next time you want to try out any dark shade, go for it.

Layering is Important

Most people have no idea how essential layering is to selecting the right color for your home. Once you have accessories or art that you are going to hang on the wall, picking a color becomes easier. You can opt for a neutral shade or a vibrant shade depending on preference as well as the type of accessories and art you are adding to the wall. You do not necessarily have to select a bland color because of the layering effect.

Put The Furniture into Consideration

Putting the upholstery of the room into consideration is a step forward into making a colour selection. It is vital that the everything goes together nicely, a step towards achieving this is by testing the tester pots against furniture and fabric. This is to make sure that the room doesn’t seem out of place and the colour complements the upholstery.

Have an Inspiration

Having inspiration is a significant step especially when you have no idea of where to start from. It can be a piece of art, fabric, furniture, whatever works for you. As long as it gives you inspiration on what to do with the room, you can use that source of inspiration to create a theme or inspiration board that the room will be patterned after.

Sheen plays a major role

You have to understand what exactly you are going for with the room so you can know the type of finish you will choose as there are some finishes to select from. We have the matte finish, the flat enamel finish, eggshell enamel finish, satin finish, the gloss finish; you can choose whichever one suits your fancy and purpose.

Buy The Paint Last

This is its own rule because it is widespread for homeowners to buy the paints first without considering anything at all. Most of the time, they end up painting their homes with colors they hate or having to buy a new set of paint. To avoid any of these mishaps, buy the paint last after you have put every other rule into consideration.



Color plays a significant role, and it is essential that you pick the right one for your home as it sets the atmosphere. These rules will prevent you from making the grave mistake of choosing colors that do not complement your home.


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