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Property Cleaning, Roof Leak & Repair services

PINNACLE GROUP – Property Cleaning, Roof Leak & Repair Services




We offer an extensive range of both domestic and commercial cleaning services. Whether you need help cleaning your business premises, your rental property or your own home, we can help you. Our team members are trained to the latest health and safety standards, with the highest level of customer service in the field.

For either a regular house clean or a spring clean, the idea is the same. You can use us regularly, occasionally or just in emergencies, whatever suits you best. We’ll always try to work around your schedules, fit in and make your life easier. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Regular House Clean

You can arrange for PINNACLE GROUP to come weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly or more often if you like. Our regular cleans include:
In all rooms:

• Carefully dust to remove dust and cobwebs
• Clean furniture
• Mop floors if required
• Empty bins
• Tidy up
• Wipe ledge areas (sills, skirting, tops of doors and moldings, pulling out necessary items to reach these areas)
• Dust fixtures and fittings within reach – lights, light switches, tops of pictures, mirrors etc
• Vacuum, pulling out necessary items
Bedrooms – the ‘all rooms’ service plus:
• Pull out the beds where possible
• Change sheets (where clean sheets are left on the bed, we take this as an automatic instruction)

Kitchens – the ‘all rooms’ service plus:
• Thoroughly clean and sanitise the sink
• Clean surfaces and individual items
• Clean cupboard fronts
• Clean back splashes
• Wipe appliances
• Empty / refill the dishwasher
• Thoroughly vacuum the floor and mop if required
• Empty and wash the bin

Bathrooms – the ‘all rooms’ service plus:
• Clean baths, showers, toilets, basins and pedestals
• Descale as required
• Thoroughly vacuum floors and mop if required
• Clean fittings

One Off Home Clean

Any Time clean:
When you want your home completely dusted, polished, clean, fresh and sorted…any time of the year.

Builders clean:

When they move out, we can give you your house back, clean, calm and organised.
builders clean1
Your home will need a full clean when the builders have left, yes there is dust everywhere. We will be delighted to clean your home top to bottom before you move back or take over that room that has been renovated.

The PINNACLE GROUP Home service is a full spring clean in every room paying particular attention to:

• Dust in every corner, wardrobes, presses, drawers, behind radiators never mind throughout the house

• All new tiles will need grouting dust removed to leave tiles shiny and bright
• Clean around window and door sills as well as ledges
• We take special care of new marble or wooden floors and will follow particular instructions from your supplier

We ask you to ensure that the builder has cleaned any paint spills, plaster or concrete deposits, removed plastic covering on new windows or doors and removed all builders’ rubble.

In an ideal world, it is best that the builder is off site for 3 or 4 days before we carry out your clean. Dust is in the air and takes a few days to settle. Otherwise if we clean then dust will settle in the days after we have finished.
In any event we will not do any cleaning until the builder is finished. We cannot be sure that once a room has been cleaned that the builder still has some final snags to complete and will inevitably dirty that room again.
PINNACLE GROUP work directly with many builders to ensure that your home is returned to you in a fresh sparkling condition. We look forward to hearing from you so we can plan the clean in time for your return.

Moving or Renting:

Are you a Landlord or a Tenant, then we can solve your cleaning needs when a home or apartment becomes vacant? Yes, you as the landlord need to ensure you have a fresh clean residence for showing to new and prospective tenants. As a tenant you need to protect your deposit by returning the property in a spotless condition.
PINNACLE GROUP can provide you with a top to bottom final clean when you or tenants move out, or clean your new home before you move in.

Our Home service includes a full Spring Clean of your house or apartment, with particular attention to:

• Inside all presses and wardrobes
• Oven and Hob
• We can arrange for carpets to be thoroughly cleaned and refreshed
• Windows – Inside and Out
• We can remove old or unwanted house hold items on request

PINNACLE GROUP works with many Letting and Estate agents to assist with the smooth transition from Tenant to Landlord and back to new Tenant. We guarantee the quality of our work which is tailored to each individual requirement at the time of change over.

Call us today to ensure that we can plan the timing for that clean as and when a tenant moves.

For Special Occasions:

For those special times like before or after a party – Holy Communion, Wedding, Confirmation, Significant Birthdays – or before the family come to stay.

What we can do during a Spring Clean:

If required, and sufficient time is booked, we can cover all the jobs in a regular clean plus any of the following:

• Clean inside windows
• Wash glass-work
• Clean inside cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes etc
• Clean inside ovens, fridges, microwaves etc
• Clean silver or brass ornaments or cutlery etc
• Wash all tiles, floor to ceiling, in bathrooms and toilets
• Scrub or polish floors

Specialist Residential Cleaning

In addition to your regular home clean; PINNACLE GROUP can provide special one off cleaning services. These may be incorporated into your spring clean or as an addition to our regular service. These services cover:

Cleaning Brasses and Silverware
• Have those brasses and silver polished every few months
Internal Window Cleaning

• All internal glass such as internal or patio doors and all glass & windows inside
Oven Clean
• Again as an extra to a regular service or included in the spring clean we can assess your oven cleaning needs and carry out a full domestic clean on your oven.
Carpets and Upholstery
• This can be arranged as an extra service at any stage

Outdoor Home Cleaning
As an added bonus, customers can have their outdoor space cleaned and tidied by PINNACLE GROUP. This service is available throughout the year and can be arranged around your needs whatever the season. Cleaning covers the following
Exterior Windows

Our NEW Exterior Window Cleaning Service not only cleans your windows but also the surrounding frames. By using deionized water to clean, we will leave your windows sparkling clean for months to come. This system, which is Eco-friendly, not only eliminates the need to climb ladders to clean those top windows but also nobody is peering in through a bedroom window.


Keep your patio free from moss, weeds and growth. We can power wash your patio to give it that new fresh look.
Keep that drive way neat and tidy be it cleaning tarmac, cobble lock or gravel, we can keep down the weeds and moss, tidy borders and power hose as required.


Give your decking a new look. We will power wash and oil or varnish your decking to keep it new and fresh.


For that time of year when your gutters collect leaves and debris keep them flowing. We will clean your gutters and down pipes to ensure that rainfall is collected and runs straight to your drains
Fencing, Garden Sheds and Outdoor Furniture
All fencing and sheds weather proofed, painted, repaired and kept in good condition. In addition have your outdoor furniture spruced up for spring or tidied away for the winter.

Apartment Cleaning

From a regular clean to a spring clean, you want to keep your apartment sparkling. If you are renting an apartment you will be obliged to keep the apartment clean and in good condition.
Typically, when your lease comes to an end you will be required to return the property to the landlord in the same pristine condition that it was first rented to you in. Landlords require the apartment to be left spotless in order to allow for swift viewing to new prospective tenants.
At PINNACLE GROUP, we provide both a regular cleaning service and also an end of tenancy clean.
We provide all the cleaning equipment and materials required for a thorough deep clean.

A “Standard Apartment Clean” will include:
• Dusting all surfaces
• Vacuuming
• Washing floors
• Cleaning bathrooms
• Cleaning Kitchens

A “Full Service Apartment Clean” will include the above areas as well as:
• Window Cleaning
• Oven Cleaning
• Inside presses and wardrobes clean
• Skirting board clean
• Doors handles and electric switches
• Under beds clean
• And carpet clean

Important Points to Note

• Our service is provided by an experienced team of two cleaners who bring all the cleaning equipment with them in a van so we will need somewhere to park.
• If we are cleaning windows then outside windows can only be reached if there is a balcony or ground floor.
• Removal of waste from an apartment can be arranged as an extra.
• Whatever style of cleaning you require can be tailored to meet your needs and your budget.

Gardening Services

Our service includes:
• Landscaping
• Driveways & Patios
• Garden Maintenance • Garden Design
• Lawn Care
• Planting and Shrubberies

Roof Leak & Repair Services

At PINNACLE GROUP, we specialize in both commercial roof and domestic roof maintenance. We specialize in all roof repairs whether: Chimney leak, roof leaks, water leaks, flat roof leaks, slate roof leaks, felt roof leaks or shingle roof leaks.

We offer a wide variety of services from supplying a whole new roof to the smallest flat roof repairs. Other services like leaking roof repairs & a quick Gutter repair service are also carried out by us.

Call us today on 087 962 2222 and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you clean your apartment or property.

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