Property Maintenance during Winter Seasons

24 October 2016
18 January 2017

It’s vital for homeowners to maintain and care for their property, particularly if you’re looking to sell or rent. As with your cars and other assets, a minimum investment in maintenance and care would help you avoid bigger bills later for extensive repairs.

As winter season is coming, we would advise all property owners to ensure to have a professional looked at your roof, remove leaves from the gutter and sweep them clean. If the troughs get clogged up with sticks and leaves, it can lead to roof leakages and damage it. In the garden, clean away any moss that has grown over damp paving stones or paths and power-wash driveways and pathways which can be slippery.

Have loose tiles replaced and leading updated if necessary. These actions will help to prevent leaks and ensure that your roof stays in good working order for as long as possible. Similarly, check the seals on your windows and doors to ensure they are rainproof.

An annual gas check is a worthwhile investment for peace of mind. Replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and check that they are working correctly.

Bleed the radiators, defrost your freezer and replace old-fashioned glass light bulbs with modern energy-efficient bulbs. If your boiler is an old one, see whether upgrade grants are available for a more energy-efficient model.

Clean out plugs with a professional-grade degreaser to remove accumulated hair and soap and help the drains to run efficiently. Have your chimneys swept if you have stoves or an open fire and check that your home ventilation is working adequately in the kitchen and bathroom.

As you get into a routine of taking these steps, basic home maintenance will become second nature and you’ll begin to reap the rewards of preventative care, which include fewer emergencies and expensive call-outs.

During winter, our homes are exposed to driving wind, heavy rains, snow and frost. This can often exacerbate a problem with your property leading to a failure in one of the elements. A common one is roof tiles coming loose or burst pipes. Both need swift repair and are very stressful to the property owner to deal with.

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Maintenance Tips


The standard of insulation is essential in maintaining heat, and there are many ways in which the insulation of your home can be compromised. General wear and tear can have a negative impact on your property. Anything which helps to make a home feel cosier and reduce spending on energy bills has to be seen as a good thing and this is why checking your insulation will have a big impact on your property.


Pipes are responsible for hot and cold water flowing in and around your home, so you should take the time to ensure they are in good condition. If something does go wrong with your pipes, the level of damage that can be caused is quite large. To prevent hassle and expenditure, its best to review your pipes.


Most of the issues that arise during the winter have probably been there for a while, but they haven’t caused an issue. Loose or missing tiles aren’t much of an issue during the summer months when the home is still warm but during the winter, missing tiles can cause havoc inside a home. The same can be said for gaps or cracks around window frames.

If you find small jobs that need to be taken care of, take care of them before they become an issue. Being proactive around the home minimises the likelihood of problems arising during winter.


Easy way to test if your radiators need bleeding is to check the top and bottom of your radiators. If one end is warm and the other end is cold, trapped air is likely impacting on your radiators and you need to release this trapped air. There are extensive guides on bleeding radiators available online, including step-by-step video tutorials, so make sure that you are happy with the condition of your radiators.


As the weather changes, you’re probably going to find yourself inside more. So, now is a good time to make some interior improvements.

  • Paint all rooms to give it a fresh.
  • Clean your carpets and replace any old or damaged carpet.
  • Check all your windows and consider installing more efficient windows if you can feel cold air coming in.


It is advisable to service your boiler annually to ensure it is working safely and efficiently. Cranking up the heating in the winter months will put extra strain on your boiler so making sure it’s in optimum condition before you need to rely on it to keep you warm is a smart move.


Gutters should be cleared of leaves and other debris that may cause blockages. Blocked gutters cause water to overflow and if left untreated can lead to more serious issues such as staining on the external face of the property and eventually more severe internal issues such as penetrating damp.

TIPS: Pack away any loose items from the garden such as gardening tools and lightweight furniture so they don’t get caught in winds and cause damage to your or any neighboring properties.


During winter months, the increased use of candles, fires and fairy lights are all additional fire hazards within the home. An annual pre-winter maintenance task is to ensure smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are fully functioning to safeguard your home.

If your Property is in need of maintenance or repair such as plumbing, tiling, flooring, kitchen refurbishment, electrician, painting (internal or external), plastering etc……. Feel free to contact us on 061 609865 for a free no charge quotation, we are available 24 hours & 7 days of the week.

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