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5 June 2012
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Room Decor Wednesdays

Today in Room Decor Wednesdays is all about offices: home and business offices decorated to help you work in a nice and welcoming environment.

Smart Space Planning: An Inspiring Attic Studio

Smart Space Planning: An Inspiring Attic Studio

Smart Space Planning: An Inspiring Attic Studio

Most houses have an attic and it is most of the time unused space where dust and spiders take over. One smart way of recovering that space is simply making use of it. And this is what the owner of this house did. She decided to use it as a home office where she could work on her craft business.

The decoration is simple, fresh and inviting. A nice pale blue is used on the walls and the furniture is painted white. Because of the awkward shape of the walls and roof a normal shelving would not make the best use of this space, so she opted for custom built shelving painted white as the rest of the furniture in the room. A very nice and durable laminated flooring was installed on the floor making it not only stylish but also very easy to clean and hence very practical.

To read and see more photos jump to this blog post:

My Studio

Liv’s Crafty Colorful Office

Liv's Crafty Colorful Office

Liv's Crafty Colorful Office

Our next office space is also a home office space. It started as a craft room where the owner could actually work on her craft and arts projects/hobbies. After giving birth she was allowed to work part-time from home, so the space needed to suit the new requirements and be usable as a part-time work from home space. A little bit of readjustment latter and you have the perfect work from home office.

The very fresh and pale on the walls combines wonderfully well with the white painted skirting and doors and pale laminated flooring. Some artistic painting in one of the walls breaks the colour and the use of a laptop instead of a desktop help to make this place something completely different from your usual office space.

It was a dream come true for her and a dream for many people wanting to work from home.

Jump to the article to get a full tour of the space.

The Design Office’s Vintage Modern Workspace

The Design Office's Vintage Modern Workspace

The Design Office's Vintage Modern Workspace

Our next office is a hybrid between home office space and a formal office. It’s actually a shared office space for freelance graphic designers that share office space with other people without working in the same business. It’s an idea developed in America spreading to Ireland as well (Raheen Business Centre) and it serves several purposes: you share the expenses of an office and share the office space with other people reducing the cost of having an office; having an office provides you a space where you can meet clients in a more formal way than if you are receiving them in your house or apartment (you actually have a business address); and the space works to avoid the loneliness associated with working from home.

Because of the informal nature of this kind of spaces they are not usually decorated in a very formal way. In this case the space is mainly painted white that create a blank where they added bright and colourful prints. The original wood flooring was preserved making it practical and easy to clean. Other touches were nice vintage furniture to avoid the space becoming too formal and uptight.

Jump to the article and virtual tour of the office space to see more photos.

Jeff Eyser’s Office Makeover

Jeff Eyser's Office Makeover

Jeff Eyser's Office Makeover

And we are back again to a home office. In this case an interior designer that works from home and actually just redecorated his home office. It’s a beautiful space flooded with light thanks to the french doors opening to the garden. That amount of light simplifies the colour choice as in that situation you can get away with almost any colour no matter how dark it is. A very dark shade of grey was used on the walls and couch and it was combined with bright accessories in purple and yellow. The desk was moved so that the view from it was the garden and all the light coming through the french doors.

It is a very beautiful space and certainly a place anyone would dream to work from.

Jump to the article to read more and get a virtual tour of the space.

Brit’s a Little Bit Geek, a Little Bit Chic Home Office 

Brit's a Little Bit Geek, a Little Bit Chic Home Office

Brit's a Little Bit Geek, a Little Bit Chic Home Office

What if you only have space for a desk at home either in your bedroom or living room and you still need an office at home? Well, as this article proves you can have it all with a bit of imagination and some good planning. Sometimes the only thing you need is a good desk, a nice and bright print on the wall, space for your computer and even the dog will want to work from home.

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