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19 June 2012
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21 June 2012
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Room Decor Wednesday

Today in Room Decor Wednesday: a sophisticated little girl’s room, a bright boy’s room, tips to easily clean children’s rooms and using wallpaper on them.

Adeline’s Big Girl Room

Adeline's Big Girl Room

Adeline's Big Girl Room

This is the room for a little girl of 2 years. And as you can see it’s going to grow with her.

The mother decided to go for pink when she found out she was going to have a girl, you know what it can happen with pink, people can go over the board with it. But the result as you can see it’s fantastic, it’s soft and elegant as well as relaxing and not all pink, pink, pink. That’s thanks to the use of a soft, pale pink combined with some dark brown introduced by the furniture and white painted panelling up to waist level on the walls.

An elegant and tasteful rooms that it’s going to last for many years as it won’t get dated. Jump to the article to read more and see all the photos.

Julian Grey’s Bright, Handmade Nursery

Julian Grey's Bright, Handmade Nursery

Julian Grey's Bright, Handmade Nursery

Our next article is a bright boy’s nursery on the cheap. Simple materials and style and great ideas for accents to get the most out of the room are the basics in the case.

The main blocks in this room are painted white: white walls, white painted furniture, and they help to increase the amount of light in a room with wooden ceilings and a very dark beam above. The floor is nice and warm cork flooring that becomes very convenient as it’s not as hard to step on as a wood flooring and cushions those toddler falls, but it’s as easy to clean as wood flooring. An excellent choice with the best of carpet and wooden flooring.

White on white and wood ceilings and cork flooring can a make a room look very boring. But thanks to accessories and other elements in the decor, it becomes bright a cheerful. Perfect for a boy as some of the accessories in charge of bringing colour are lots and lots of stuff animals. Another way of introducing colour is using bright colour circles made out of contact paper and applied to the walls. It’s a cheap and temporary way of introducing colour and creating a great pattern.

Overall it’s a great success using very little money. Go to the article to read more and see all the photos.

Dreamy Clean Kids’ Rooms

Dreamy Clean Kids' Rooms

Dreamy Clean Kids' Rooms

The problem with children is that somehow they become magnets for dirt. Some day scientist will discover the reasons for the magnetism but in the meantime if you have kids you might want to get some tips to help you keep their bedrooms and other areas they use clean and tidy easily.

This article offers many ideas and tips to help you in that area and what are the best tasks to tackle to keep everything clean and tidy. One the suggestions in the article is trying to go digital. As expensive as a tablet can be compared to a book the reality is that it can store lots of children’s books in a very little space and avoid the mess children can do with them. Digital books are also cheaper so in the long run you will end up saving money if you buy lots of them for your children.

And of course the main tip is to plan the room before you decorate so that it’s easy to clean and keep tidy in the future. Jump to the article to read more.

The Family Home: Wallpaper Kick-Starts Kids’ Rooms

The Family Home: Wallpaper Kick-Starts Kids' Rooms

The Family Home: Wallpaper Kick-Starts Kids' Rooms

Our last article is about the use of wallpaper in children’s rooms. If there are some things that kids love to have in their rooms among them are colour and pattern. You can introduce colour easily via painted walls in their rooms and the easiest way to have patterns on your walls is to use wallpaper. Wallpaper is also a great way of adding some colour in there too.

To help you decide the best choices for that room this article is full of tips and ideas to choose the best wallpaper. Thanks to kids being kids you can go for bold and striking patterns that would not look that great in other rooms. But as bold as you can go it might also be a good idea to give some thought to the patterns chosen to avoid any problems as they grow up.

Go to the article to read more and see all the different patterns and wallpapers that can be used in a children’s room.

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