Gutter and Window Cleaning Services

Gutter and Window Cleaning Services

Gutter and Window Cleaning Services

High-rise window cleaning is an area of expertise here at PINNACLE GROUP and Cleaning Services. We use the safest and most effective equipment to reach those out of sight areas for both your business and residential premises.

It is extremely important to care for your Home and one area that shouldn’t be neglected is your “Roof Water Drainage System” or gutter system. Clogged gutters cause water damage! Over time, this excess water can lead to some serious problems both inside and outside your home. Call PINNACLE GROUP and Cleaning Services now to help clear your guttering quickly and easily for your peace of mind.

It’s recommended that gutters be checked and cleared annually.

Cleaning gutters ensures the smooth flow and disposal of rainwater and reduces the risk of blocking which can lead to water damage to outer walls and roofs.

We clear gutters by hand or by the use of the latest ground based vacuum technology to remove solid matter such as leaf residue and moss build up.

The brushing and power washing of the external gutters soffits and fascias that the gutters are attached to are also included in the cleaning process.

Downpipes entry points and shore outlets are checked and cleared and finally gutters are fully flushed to ensure water is free flowing.

Our thoroughly competent window cleaning technicians are well prepared to tackle your job, however tough it may be. From interior and exterior cleaning, we take our business very seriously, meaning that your satisfaction is our only goal.

Please call us for a competitive quote. Gutter clearing/cleaning may require working from height and due to the wide variety of roof design it is only possible to price accurately following inspection.