Partition Walls

Partition Walls Services

Partition walls can make a huge difference to your home or office in a very short time. Pinnacle supplies and fits a vast range of office partitioning to meet any requirements, including demountable, fire rated, sound rated, timber framed and glass.

Careful planning is essential when arranging a partition. To overcome space constraints, we specialise in providing Space Partition Solutions adapted to your needs. Through the use of office partitioning, it is possible to create stylish offices and separate workrooms within any large interior work space. In this way, boardrooms, offices, interview rooms and whole office departments can be separated from work rooms and factory floors and these too, can be separated, from wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Office partitioning is a far cheaper alternative to traditional building methods since it is less labour intensive. It requires fewer tradesmen and can be erected much quicker than brickwork, reducing downtime and minimising inconvenience. Also, partitioning is not permanent; this means that you can easily adapt any design to suit future expansion and your changing needs.

If you need to discuss your options feel free to call us. You can be sure that Pinnacle is the right choice, whatever your building needs.