Smartphones: efficient way to manage your business

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Smartphones: efficient way to manage your business

Many large companies are using smartphones as training tools, sales instruments, for promotional and communication means, and more.
Using audio and video files the smartphone can really boost your business. The size and great capacity make smartphones absolutely ideal for business people, especially those on the go.


Here are few ways that you as business owners can use your smartphone and make your work life more efficient.

1. Smartphones can be used to record preparatory notes for a meeting or upcoming speech and listen to them on the go, you can also edit and modify these recorded notes. No more messing around with scraps of paper and pens.


2. They can also provide hands on training through MP3 recordings on your smartphone; the trainee can simultaneously listen and physically practice the task hands on. It is also much easier to give and receive instructions by speech rather then on paper. It might also save you money on paper, binders etc.


3. Your smartphone can carry photos, video presentations of your products or services or beneficial podcasts all in the one place. This is extremely useful if you meet potential customers while on the go.

4. It can also be a means of last minute research. Before a meeting you can use your smartphone and do some last minute Google searching and perhaps find some new information. It can also be useful if you are put on the spot at a meeting, you to check your company website to pull up information about your products and give an immediate and more importantly, correct answer.


5. Smartphones allow you to keep up and keep active with all your social media accounts. It is far easier to switch from app to app on a smartphone then from site to site on a PC. It is also extremely useful when you are on the go. You can also get alerts and notifications on your smartphone, so you will not only be up to date with how your social media sites are doing but also can quickly answer and reply to any customers remarks or queries.


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