Water Meters Installation

Commercial and Home Water Meters Installation

The government last year enacted legislation regarding the installation of water meters in Ireland. From early 2012 and ending 2014 all houses and commercial properties in Ireland should be fitted with water meters so water charges may be paid.

It is important for both business and home owners to be aware of their legal obligations and their need to install a meter to comply with the law. And PINNACLE GROUP can help you in this task.

You still have time but you need to start preparing for the deadline. Our experienced water meters installers will help you with the whole process and help you comply with the law so that when the date comes you are ready.

Water meters will not only be a way of knowing how much water you consume but they are also considered a useful tool in identifying leaks in the water piping system and thereby benefits water conservation. Water metering is also considered a most equitable way of charging than using a flat rate.

And the sooner the better. Call us now to arrange for an appointment and get your water meter install. Don’t wait until is too late.

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