Storm Damage and the effect

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20 November 2017
4 February 2018


As the stormy weather rips through different counties, various photos & images have been flooding online via social media of the damages that has been caused.


In the first week of January 2018, the storm has caused damages and also led to power outages across many cities and counties. High tides may have receded in some of the flooded areas, the Office of Emergency Planning has issued out warning that “there are possible risks from storm-force winds and high tides in the morning”. People are being advised and urged to stay away from exposed coastal areas, while motorists are being advised never to drive through flood waters.
Gardaí said they had received reports of debris on many roads, and called on road users to drive with “extreme caution”.

Weather warning remain in place as the entire country is set to be battered with gusty winds day and heavy rain for another day.

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For more details on the effect of the recent storm, click on the link below:         CLICK HERE


More on Limerick’s daily weather forecast:  CLICK HERE                      More on Ireland’s daily weather forecast:  CLICK HERE




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