Summertime Property Maintenance

Summer House Maintenance Tips
6 June 2014
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23 June 2014
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Summertime Property Maintenance

Summertime Property Maintenance

While summertime offers us a great opportunity to make the most of our sunny Saturdays, you might find yourself with some extra free time. Why not take a little time each weekend to give your beautiful home a little extra care?

Keep it green: Don’t let the summer heat kill your lawn, make sure to keep it watered and fertilized! Flowers, bushes and tree branches which grow up or onto your property may carry various types of insects in addition to moisture which can lead to damp issues. Both equally can be destructive to the exterior of a property therefore it’s certainly worthwhile putting in a bit gardening in your routine maintenance checks during the summer.
Fire it up: Get a head start for the upcoming winter and clean out your wood-burning fireplace and chimney.

Carpet care: Now’s the perfect time to have your carpets professionally cleaned, which will protect your carpet and make it last even longer.


Touch-ups: Inspect your home—inside and out—and touch up any paint where necessary. This can be done quickly and easily, and will prevent future peeling!

Lock and key: Check all of the locks on your windows and doors and ensure that everything is working properly

Oil it: Anything squeaking? Add a squirt of WD-40 or similar product to door, cabinet and window hinges to keep them in top repair.

Park the car: If your garage is filling up with an abundance of stored items, take a day to reorganize and get rid of unwanted clutter. Give your unneeded items to charity.

Don’t wait till boiling point: Late summer is the best time to have your gas appliances (boilers and fires in particular) serviced. A GAS SAFE registered gas fitter should service them annually. The closer to the cooler months the busier gas engineers become so it makes good sense to have any appliances tested and serviced during the summer. This also gives you the peace of mind that as winter approaches all your appliances are safe and in proper working order.


Up on the Roof top: Roofing problems can be easily overlooked often until it’s far too late. Throughout the summer season, be sure to remove any kind of pebbles or moss that may have gathered on flat roofs and during the winter season look out for any loose tiles or additional indications of deterioration that may lead to damp problems taking a hold.

Out with the paint brush!
The summer is an ideal time to paint your doors and windows and other external areas. This is because the paint will bond better to the wood if it is not wet or damp making for a more durable finish.

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