Water Charges: Do you know how to be water smart

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23 June 2014
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Water Charges: Do you know how to be water smart

Water Charges

Do you know how to be water smart as the charges are being introduced.

• Only fill your kettle with as much water as you need – you’ll also save on your electricity bill
• Use a basin. Collecting the water you use to rinse fruit and vegetables can then be used for watering plants use a low flow shower head – this can cut your water consumption by up to 12%. Ask us for advice
• Don’t keep the tap running, even when brushing your teeth. Running taps can use up to six litres a minute
• Make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are always fully loaded
• Ask us to add a displacement device to your toilet cistern to uses 3litres less when flushing.
• Have a shower instead of a bath. Showers use only half the quantity of water required by a bath.
• Have shorter showers. One less minute in the shower can save at least seven litres a day.

water charges

A new system of domestic water charges is being introduced for homes that are connected to a public water supply (or to public wastewater services).

The following table shows which types of system will and will not be subject to the new domestic water charges:

Water supplierWaste waterCharged by Irish Water?
Public mainsPublic sewerYes
Public mainsOwn treatment (septic tank or wastewater treatment system)Yes
Group water schemePublic sewerYes
Group water schemeOwn treatmentNo
Private wellPublic sewerYes
Private wellOwn treatmentNo

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