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29 October 2014
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water leak detection

Are you concerned about Water Charges? If you have Leaks in your pipes you will be paying for water you’re not even using.
90 % of all water leaks remain underground and are never seen. FACT!!!!
Water leak detection and water mains locating is no longer a problem with our new electronic equipment.

CCTV survey with remote drain cameras and no-dig repair patented repair systems.

Rest assured we are fully insured.
Our modern electronic listening devices and pulse wave generator will locate any leak and mains accurately and without delay.
We specialise in completing as built Autocad drawings which detail and records the service locations on site.
The company works on a 24 hour, 365 days a year.
We have a vehicle designed especially for carrying out CCTV camera inspections on pipework with diameters from 100 mm – 600 mm.
Water Leak Indicators
• High water bills, when no changes have been made to normal usage
• Your water meter dials are moving when no water is being used.
• Hearing the sound of running water when no water or services are in use.
• A hot spot on the floor could indicate a hot water pipe leak under your floor
• Cracks in walls or floors
• Mould or moisture under carpets, peeling paintwork near wet areas
Why choose us?
• We will reduce your water bills – GUARANTEED.
• We are experts in leak detection, water management, conservation and cost reduction.
• We work around your busy schedules.
• First Class Service with Excellent customer service.
• We have the technical expertise.
• We pride ourselves on providing non-destructive solutions.
• Equipped with Latest Technology in Leak Detection.
Call or email Pat for a free no hassle quotation
087 96 222 22, info.pinnaclemaintenance@gmail.com

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